Do you know DuDuPhant, the little blue elephant?

It is with pleasure that we welcome you to DuDuPhant – Toys & Games Catalog.

You will find on this website a complete catalog of popular games and toys, as well as more specific products. Each item is carefully selected for its quality of construction and its overall rating. We offer games in many categories;

  • Action Figures, Doll, Collectibles
  • Board Games, Card Games, Party Games
  • Brain Teaser, Sequential Mazes, Puzzle Boxes
  • Stuffed Animals & Plush
  • Outdoor Sport, Remote Controlled Vehicles.
  • …And much more!

We thank you for the interest shown and we hope you find the products you like on DuDuPhant – The Amazing Toys & Games Catalog.DuDuePink - The Pink Elephant